Monday, April 27, 2009

CPSIA and crafters

I have seen a lot of talk on the net about the CPSIa nd who is a manufacturer and how does it pertain to us and all kinds of questions.

Well hee is the link to the CPSIA site and the downloadable guide which is basically a FAQ.

Basically we as crafters fall under manufacturers. go figure here we thought we were making something we like.

Well the little history I know is when all those big business brought those toys in from China a couple of years ago they were tainted with high lead content. So guess what we get penalized cause they wanted to make a bunch of stuff cheap.

This guide is for us but this law also affects anyone who makes anything that can be targeted at the 12 and under market. If you don't I don't think you have to worry, If you do you need to put your head up and find out how to testify and how to take action to help keep your livlihood afloat.

This law even affects things like packaging and pricing. I make school spirit jewelry targeted at the high school age but it is priced so it can be used as a fundraiser which means that the littler ones can afford them. Guess what I have to stop making them because of the price point-It is attractive to the younger set. and don't prepackage anything to cutesy or it might be thought you are targeting the little ones to.

OH well my 2 cents.

also check out

and these guys are on the fore front.

Oh yeah I have also seen the question how does it affect me in Canada. Well you are required to meet the guidelines too.