Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my art show

Well I took the plunge and did my first art show this weekend. the 42nd annual Howard Chandler Christie art guild show. You need to look him up on wikipedia woo what illustrations the man did.
Talk about nervous. new display set up , a long way from home and having to decide what to enter my 8 best pieces. So I polled my fellow clayers and low and beold most folks picked the same pieces to enter as I did-all but jeanne rhea. Well I had met her and knew she had been in the community for-well ever- so I put her choices to the top of the list. She picked the same things as everyone else but my tan swirlly frame. So I added that.
Would you believe the judges picked the frame as an award of merit, basically honorable mention.
He even came back and talked to me about my work, that was after almost 20 minutes looking around and talking to me when he came thru for judging. Well he thought I was a professional crafter from the quality of my work and display-well that made me want to float-i thrive on strangers praise.- when they brought the ribbon I think someone pulled me down off the ceiling of my tent i was so thrilled. That was Sunday and now its Tuesday and I still feel all puffed up and proud. The feet are slowing touching the ground.
I put this notice on everywhere that I asked for feedback, but I closed the listing and deleted it on etsy so no one can find it now.
I am going to ry and pull the photo from my flickr stream but who knows if I will succeed.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

best laid plans

Well we all have plans. I sure hope somebody else's are being followed thru on cause I sure am not succeeding in doing my dail blog and journal. Life is so hectic. It seems like 10 minutes once or twice a day is too much. I now have this laptop so I can muli task. Torchwod and the internet. I am able to sit in the living room and talk to my husband and watch Tv with him in the evening which is important since tha is when he ends to be awake.
I have a friend that always asks me to help her find something on the net and I need to talk and surf at the same time. My computer is in the bedroom and I sure hate to disturb him when he is sleeping.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

creativity. and time

boy you know it sure takes time to be creative, you gotta plan and then prepare and then work on whatever you are creating. In and among all this you gotta work and clean house and cook. Oh yeah and take care of that extra cleaning caused by the flood in the basement.

well I found this new book-well it actually has been out a while to try and jump start my clay block. It's the vein of gold. The big thing it alks about is taking time in your busy day to stop and think and take some time for yourself. Woh what a concept time for me., Anyway I started today with the journal it says to keep. and now I am journaling here as well .lets's see if I can keep it up.

I doubt anyone really reads this I am not a fancy named person just me and wll it seemed like a fun thing to do. be like everyone else in something. As I was eriting the first pages of the journal I could feel my creative juices start to boil, but wait I gotta feed the dogs and work on the house. well If I do it right I will have time this evening for some one on one time with my clay. let's cross our fingers.