Sunday, July 5, 2009

creativity. and time

boy you know it sure takes time to be creative, you gotta plan and then prepare and then work on whatever you are creating. In and among all this you gotta work and clean house and cook. Oh yeah and take care of that extra cleaning caused by the flood in the basement.

well I found this new book-well it actually has been out a while to try and jump start my clay block. It's the vein of gold. The big thing it alks about is taking time in your busy day to stop and think and take some time for yourself. Woh what a concept time for me., Anyway I started today with the journal it says to keep. and now I am journaling here as well .lets's see if I can keep it up.

I doubt anyone really reads this I am not a fancy named person just me and wll it seemed like a fun thing to do. be like everyone else in something. As I was eriting the first pages of the journal I could feel my creative juices start to boil, but wait I gotta feed the dogs and work on the house. well If I do it right I will have time this evening for some one on one time with my clay. let's cross our fingers.

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