Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday blues

Well started out late. Did a jewelry class or should I say 3 classes with kids from k-4 what a blast. This is the second year for us. Hopefully we'll be back next.
We did memory wire bracelets and pony bead snakes. The K had less trouble with the snakes than the older ones. I guess they just do what they are told and don't think to much about it.
Even the little ones tried the memory wire bracelets. All the kids were really well behaved but then I would expect that from doctors kids.

Seemed like I ran a little late all day. Tomorrow I gotta work all day and at one point be 2 places at once. go figure- Anyway hopefully I will be back to claying in the next couple of days. The ideas are running rampant and the hands hurt to play.

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