Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thought for polymer clay

Well today is truely the day I move into the 21st century. Figured out how to get into this blog and get it going.

I put up my banners both here and etsy thanks to thequeenofBanners great job.

Well some words of enlightenment for today don't expect them often the brain can only handle so much when you get older :)

Polymer clay has long been thought of as a material for beads, cane work, and sculpture. I am trying with the lhelp of some fellow clayers, trying to turn it into something that is functional-key word here-and beautiful.  I have learned a series of techniques and use a clay that allow you to get almost tissue paper thin edges on the clay. With the use of Bake and bond and some loc tite superglue you can add it to just about anything.  If you make the design right you don't even have to use the superglue.

You use bake and bond any time you want to cover an object that is paper mache or wood with a polymer clay design. I blogged about this on my other blog

With the use of shape makers and texture makers and paint you can make the most amazing designs. I have really jus started to experiment with this. The results are at my etsy site

I must be doing something right my green man-see avatar-one first prize at in November and one of my designs was taken to the CHA show in Anaheim and will published in Crafts and Things magazine-when I don't know but if I find out I will let you know.

I really love the cane work and appreciate the talent of those artists but I am a sculter at heart. I do some cane work but my designs always get lost when I reduce so I got frustrated and have never really explored it much more.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. 

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